Are you a divine feminine singer, ready for a celestial, holistic upgrade to your vocal and song craft?

Are you seeking ascended, integrative musical knowledge for inspiration and motivation?

Do you want a co-creative singing tribe, while honoring your own unique artistry and expression?

You know you’re never going to give up on your singing dream, and you’ll do whatever it takes.

Women, the time is NOW. You know you were born to be one of the great awakeners, a Creatrix agent from the future who sings in whole new dimensions onto Earth. 

You visualize sound.
You hear colors.
You move in music.
You see in 5D.

You have otherworldly powers and codes that your soul, and only your soul, can unlock.

But tell me, even though you know these great gifts permeate your body and soul, and you have done a heaven’s load of soul work already, like lifetimes deep…

Do you still find yourself experiencing:

Multidimensional wounds in your voice and singing expression?

Blocks in finding your soul song and your songwriting journey?

Uncertainty in how to express music with the support of your body and dance movement? (Many creatives lose touch with their embodiment.)

Stuck in envisioning your music and bringing it into form?

A relentless desire to express sonic fields into transformative light fields that heal and touch lives through your music.

I understand. I know. You are not alone.

I have designed this for the woman whose spirit is ready to soar on the wings of her own inner song, and voice expressed from across dimensions…

An opportunity for you to come out of stealth as a soul-singer, dawn-bringer and ascension-master.

Who is ready to put her creativity first and call in whole new frequencies during these intense and crucial days of light awakening on Earth.


Awaken Beauty and the Muse… listen to your beautiful, inner voice and your God/dess Muse to unlock the keys to your soul songs that you’ve been questing for

Reclaim the Magic of your Purpose… Unravel the mysteries, science keys, and bliss of your musical mission

Magnetize Love… Amplify your heart’s desires with your song spells and prayers in your quantum attractor field

Radiate Health… Feel joyful radiance and organic, whole body resonance and pain relief through your vocal rituals

Build Wealth and Tribe… Liberate from the starving musician archetype. Practice abundance making with your musical currency with your fans and allied community

Sync with Planet and Cosmos… Synchronize with the earth frequencies. Attune to the cosmic musical spheres for bigger creative impact. 


Since young, I have been gifted in accessing the higher harmonic, heavenly octaves, and learning the array of musical instruments. I have focused on siren ritual singing, with much praise, such as from a music engineer ally – “You have such a beautiful, fairy voice that I don’t hear often.”

I have coached singers and musicians on cultivating their craft to the next level. As a deep ceremonial artist, theorist and investigator in universal and cosmic music of the spheres principles, I have been collaborating with renowned, leading-edge musicians and scientists in quantum, vibroacoustic sound-light physics and technologies for New Earth.

Trainings for divine feminine starseed musical creatives
to activate the Celestial God/dess Muse

Individuals: 3 to 6 month customized programs
Groups: monthly subscriptions


    • A set of harmonic singing rituals for you to use daily to liberate and love your voice
    • Coaching assistance to craft and complete 3-7+ songs that are in your highest, divine feminine soul alignment
    • Guidance in working with a professional conscious music recording studio to engineer and master your songs
    • A collection of harmonic frequencies, tantric sound healing principles and quantum technology tools to uplevel your optimal musical resonance and intelligence

Stay tuned for more about when this offering will be open…

Creatrix Voice


Aria Singing

Diva siren songs, vocal enchantments
Chants, mantras, angelic light language translations
Music ceremonies

Melodic, cinematic, trance, tribal bass, chillstep, dubstep, ambient, cosmic meditation

Vocal Tone

Type, Style
Soprano, alto, tenor, bass
World, pop, rock, jazz, folk, classical styles
Feminine voice, attuning to soul essence
Vocal embodiment
voice controlling electronic instruments

Pranic Womb Breath
Belly breath support, body resonance
Inhale singing, flow phonation
Emotional feeling activation

Pitch Center
Tonal sphere
Sound placement

Resonating chambers
Mouth, tongue, jaw, nasal cavity, soft palate, larynx, vocal cord, throat, Neck, standing posture

Vocal Resonance

High, Wide Range
Vocal fry to whistle range, 5+ octaves
Smoothing registers and breaks
Head, mix and chest voice
Vocal agility

Formant tuning
Twang, nasal resonance
Wowel modification

Smooth and stylistic tones
Volume, dynamics
Compression, strain

Soul Song

Lyrical Phrasing
Legato, staccato
Word accents
Sibilance, plosive
Glides, riffs, runs and scat

Vocal Arrangement
Key transposition
Melody and lyric alterations
Rhythmic changes
Harmonic modulations
dynamics shift

Harmonizing with melody
Building vocal layers

Practice & Performance

Warm ups, cool downs
Precise interval jumping
Speech level singing
Seed syllable chants
Ear training

Polyphonic Overtoning
Harmonic overtones
Telepathic hearing and matching

Vocal anatomy
Straw phonation to equalize vocal cords
Yogic stretching, singing muscles
Steam, nebulizer for throat care
Essential oils, homeopathic remedies

Singing teacher, vocal coach
Listening, hearing
Formant spectral frequency analysis and healing
Biovoice analysis to diagnose mind-body health

Live show
Repertoire, original songs, cover songs
Singing with dance movements
Psychoacoustic recording, microphone technique
Room and environmental acoustics

Holistic Songwriting


Celestial soul lyrics and poetic storytelling
Spell crafting, world building
Vowels, consonants, stressed/unstressed syllables
Phrasing, question and answer period
Rhyme, repetition, order
Balanced, unbalanced lines and stanzas for stability and tension


Verse and chorus hooks
Lyric matching
Melodic contour, voice leading
Ascending, descending lines, leaps, passing tones
Contrasting melodies
emotional color


Musical key, tonic home note
Chord progressions, building tension and resolution
Cadence at end of phrase
432, 444 hz natural and world tuning systems
Subliminal healing frequencies


Drum and bass rhythm
Basic and compound meter
Constant accelerated and decelerated meter
Heartbeat pulse


Multi instrumental texture
Acoustic and electronic sound design


Intro, verse, chorus, bridge, outro
Drawing and coloring a song landscape map
Crystal geometric form and composition

Acoustic-Electro Instruments

One Wo/man Band

Accompanying main vocals with harmonic and rhythmic instruments
fundamentals of playing various acoustic and electronic instrumental accompaniments
Musical arrangement and orchestration techniques


Voice – vocal looper, harmonization effects pedal
Keys – piano, keyboard synth
Strings – guitar, harp, violin, cello, bass
Winds – flute, saxophone, woodwind, brass, didgeridoo
Drums – hand drum, handpan, gong, percussion instruments
Sound healing – crystal singing bowl, crystal lyre, brass bowl
Electronic – drum ‘n bass rhythm machine, cosmic ambient pads
Nature – organic sound instruments

Psychoacoustic Music Engineering


Compression, limit, volume, dynamics
Equalization, spectral spread
Reverb, sense of space
Panning, stereo imaging, 360 surround sound
Analog and digital production
Music distribution

Harmonic Frequencies

Water, DNA and Great Pyramid tones
Sun, Moon, Planets, Pleiades, Sirius, Perseus, Andromeda and more
Master hologenetic tonal frequencies (Gene Keys) to unlock star portals and ships

Sound Bath & Ecstatic Dance DJ

Sound Bath

Vocal music journeys for emotional healing
Nature and world meditation music with harmonic frequencies
Psychoacoustic, therapeutic listening and hearing

Ecstatic Dance DJ

Galactic tribal trance music sets
Build up, peak, transitions
Remixes, meta sound effects
Interactive acoustic and electronic music performance

Temple Space

Immersive, surround sound system
Vibroacoustic bass dance floor
Levitational sound beds, aerial hammock swings
Sound reactive visualizers, holographic video projection
Crystal, candle altar

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