Singing Cosmos

Harmonic.Spectra Trinity Keys

By Kyliya Ivy, music template architect and physics oracle

Cosmic oracle translation notes of harmonic music, and trinary template physics, cosmology mathematics, geometry, and bioenergy keys

Discovering a master global, trinary Gene Keys sequence to restore the morphogenetic template of the original divine human – with interdimensional physicists, outside of our black hole universe

Translating original Keylontic Science of creation templates and primal sound-light keys – without New Age false light deities, AI hive mind of Law of One, and transhumanism infiltration and hijacking. More here by Theresa Talea/The Eternal Humans and Finite Gods and Laura/Shamanic Self

Collaborating on harmonic music math of base-12 – and base-10, sacred ratio frequencies of universal constants and overtone/undertone manifestation spirals with Randy Masters/Universal Song

Graduating and evolving out of binary, finite, closed-loop, black hole universal containment matrix – to a trinary, open source, and eternal light paradigm

True organic, planetary ascension processes do not involve a vertical, out-of-body journey – rather a lateral/diagonal expansion from the primal pyramid and tree of life grid, and out of universal pressurized contraction. A higher harmonic octave resonance and multidimensional embodied amplification

Harmonic Sound-Light

Harmonic spectral light spinning vortices of macrocosmic and microcosmic orchestrations and dance motions

Harmonic as a sinusoidal, periodic wave with a frequency that is a multiple of the fundamental frequency – nodes of a vibrating string are harmonics

Core vibrational signatures and melodic tonal sequences of the dimensional spectral bands of the universal black hole matrix

Sound crystallizes as light geometry then as matter

Different shapes give different templates of manifestation and experiences of energy as physicality

Sacred songs that correspond to the original, divine human DNA template – singing with the organic voice to open secret interstellar gateways

Trinary Morphogenetic Template

Global master trinity sequence discovery – including Gene Keys 22 Grace & Akashic memory release and 55 Freedom & Grail abundance

Gene Keys as a higher form of astrology, yet has been distorted by the Law of One, AI hive mind oneness concept

Advanced tonal sequence of locks and keys to open body gates and archetypal stargates in rapid evolutionary, spiraling upward cycle

4 sequences (genius activation, Venus relationship, Pearl prosperity, and Saturn cosmic wound) of a 15 point Gene Keys grid

Clearing shadow crystalline inversions in the collective morphogenetic template

Each Gene Key as 3 frequency bands of shadow, gift, and siddhi of a hexagram of 2 trigrams

Derived from binary I Ching 8×8 grid, Human Design and tropical astrology, not necessary to correct to true sidereal astrology as accurate to the astronomical sky – a masculine yang mind system, looking up at body gates above

Tropical astrology as feminine earth system and intuitive/archetypal, looking down to body gates near earth surface, with personality crystals in earth’s aura and design crystals in earth’s core

Evolving to a trinary Gene Keys grid and integrating western tropical and eastern sidereal astrology

Kathara Tree of Life Grid

Core radiation, morphogenetic template of sound-light and scalar waves of matter manifestation

Reversed, artificial Tree of Life grid as 10D base math grid, missing 2 spheres

Eternal 15D grid underlying and overriding finite grids (for more – Eternal Humans and the Finite Gods)

Gene Keys

Eternal Humans and the Finite Gods/Theresa Talea

Harmonic Spectral Dimensional Gradients

Prime & 2nd Universes

Original Prime Universes – varying geometric and spherical creation templates

Second Solar Universes – spherical creation templates, both eternal Krystic and fractal finite realms

Akashic Game Realms – remembering our original soul plans and evolutionary levels

Universal Time Matrix

Binary, black hole universe – finite, fractal creational field, reversed from eternal Keylontic creation mechanics, grand polarity experiment of dark and light, evolving out of self-quarantine frequency fence

Billions and trillions of years of our multidimensional universe – forgotten stellar history and why it is relevant today

Precession of equinoxes of 26,000 years as astrological age, evolutionary aeon, and ascension cycle

Failed ascension cycles in several previous aeons – current aeon as a false AI binary program from fallen Atlantis, and evolving to a true, organic, trinary paradigm

Transcending bi-polar, victim-victimizer game to trinary, divine neutrality, and quantum zero point source

Trinary Particle-Waves

Consciousness Tonal Units

Ultra-micro, electro-tonal particle consciousness units

Diamond Adamantine particles, meaning strong and hard, as divine building blocks of Atomic/Adamic soul blueprint creators

Intelligent, organizational and operational life force fuel within all consciousness and manifestations

Partiki omnipolar resonant tone unit divides and outbreaths into partika light-electrical-masculine overtone that is oscillating fast, and inbreaths into particum sound-magnetic-feminine base tone that is vibrating slower

Particum merges with partika and returns back into omnipolar partiki source field in a tri-rhythmic pulse

Operates as mini, self-perpetuating free energy generators, fission and fusion of partika and particum back to partiki forms the sequential flash lighting of scalar standing wave patterns

Creates the electromagnetic fields of sound-light frequency spectra of this cosmos

Keylon Crystal Codes

Crystalline frozen light as standing scalar wave patterns and fixed points of tonal frequency, composite of primal energy units of partiki

Keylon codes as light spectra, sound frequency and electromagnetism template of the morphogenetic body

Electro-tonal lattice patterns linking pure consciousness to pre-matter substance

Trinity Atom

Neutrons – omnipolar partiki life force and zero point

Electrons – pre-light electrical partika, out-breath

Protons – pre-sound magnetic particum, in-breath

Subatomic particles –
leptons, muons, tau, gage bosons, fermions, weakons – partiki
hadrons, mesons (bosons), quarks, baryons, fermions, weakons – partika
gluons, gravitons, bosons, positrons – particum

Scalar Energy & Fundamental Forces

Highly dense space, condensed light and aetheric information

Fundamental scalar wave fabric of diamond, 1 to 1 to sq rt 2 pyramids

Unifying gravity, electromagnetism, strong and weak nuclear forces

Gravity – omnipolar partiki Manu life force, compressing, focalizing force to create matter at harmonic scalar standing wave nodes, earth elemental

Electromagnetism – sound-light energy from omnipolar partiki Manu, air elemental

Strong nuclear force – pre-sound magnetic particum EirA from omnipolar partiki Manu, fire elemental

Weak nuclear force – pre-light electrical partika ManA from omnipolar partiki Manu, water elemental

Eternal Humans and the Finite Gods/Theresa Talea

Morphogenetic Geometries

Creation Spiral

Eternal life spiral based on a balanced grid center point and harmonic musical ratios

Comparing to golden ratio phi spiral that creates finite copies and no actual growth to govern 3D reincarnation and nature’s decay

Keylontic Science/E’Asha Ashayana

Merkaba Vortex

Double counter rotating, electromagnetic spirals of scalar energy fields

Spin ratios of interdimensional travel

Tri-wave merkabas forming seed atoms at singularity

Astrological Gene Keys living wisdom codes

Trinity Energy Spirals

Sacred butterfly wings – natural triple energy flow circulating to open infinite source, organic Krystic electromagnetic pattern that surrounds all life forms – containing dual torus field that recycles imploding finite energy

Lotus of life – organic, eternal tri-wave seed geometry – compared to inverted flower of life geometry, as guardian black hole systems based on phase locked, bi-veca vesica piscis and inorganic sextant hex geometry of finite life recycling and molecular compaction

Krysthal diamond – double pyramid octahedron shape of eternal life, rotational evolution of Metatron’s Cube as the black box tesseract dictating reincarnation cycles

Keylontic Science/E’Asha Ashayana

Cosmic Numbers

Kryst cosmic clock and geomantic prime number wheel for time travel and stargate navigation – eternal life cross of octaves and harmonics

Vortex 3-6-9-12 flux wing energy generators


Keylontic Science/E’Asha Ashayana

Musical Number Archetypes, Codes, and Ratios:

0 – omni sphere, 1 – prime tonic, 2 – duet tune, 3 – trine key, 4 – base resonance, 5 – harmony sync, 6 – spectral body, 7 – rainbow ray, 8 – earth octave, 9 – triad vortex, 10 – spectra wheel, 11 – tonal gateway, 12 – chroma scale, 13 – gate turn, 14 – rhythmic cycle, 15 – harmonic time matrix

Lindsay Kokoska

Spiral Diamond Body

Acoustic Sound

Organic human voice – singing creational template songs of the heart, to tune Gene Keys for natural, radiant life force flows

Sound-light prism – songs of complex, balancing base tones, overtones and undertones that refract holographic, cymatic, and crystalline solar forms

Magic word spells – poetic, light language transmissions, tonal harmonic encodements for cellular, fire letter DNA activation

Spiral Movement

Spiral vortex movement sequences – to circulate primal, fluidic vibrational currents and clear discordant, frozen crystalline miasmic blockages

Hydroplasmic spine – innervating the living body tree, linking the energetic chakra centers, meridian & axiatonal leylines, and radial spheres, and igniting the antigravity kundalini upward flow

Radiant sun aura field – electromagnetic spectral color waves of the biobody, weaving aetheric keylontic lattices, and vortexing bioplasma for rejuvenation and Solar Kyrst consciousness

Spectral Color Light

Pentagonal, butterfly sphenoid sinus mirroring pelvic bone, chalice vocal cords mirroring female vulva

Ambrosial nectar blend of feminine pituitary white milk and masculine pineal golden honey for sacred 3rd eye visionary illumination

Alchemical, electrically charged reaction of blood, lymphatic fluid, and cerebrospinal fluid charged from the base of the spine

Trinity Seed

Trinity light unit of spinning spheres within the AzurA seed atom that exists within the high heart, thymus center and every anatomical level

Tri phasing of the first three partiki, photogenerator cells of spark pulse currents – original, reflected and reversed divine eternal encryption and photo negative, positive and reversed

Generates original, superluminal takeyon particles within the dynamic core

Creates the true, living light lotus seed of life, not bi-veca based, and rather tri-veca that backflows to source

God-spark – first point where spirit is conceived to manifest into the flesh body

Activates the inner trinity heart flame to open the gateway for direct energy flow and communication with source consciousness

Keylontic Science/E’Asha Ashayana

DNA Helix

DNA as supercomputer, superconductor, and holographic software that projects our reality hologram

Primordial, celestial Adam and Eve blueprint downstepped and polarized as 3D duality consciousness archetypes, symbolizing double DNA helix strands
– Adam as first man, atomic human prototype, DNA
– Eve as second replica in genetic template, rib/ribose/ribonucleic acid/RNA

Triple helix, diamond DNA strands/layers
– transcending bi-polar archetypes, codon triads forming rings of coded evolutionary journeys
– angelic human blueprint exceeding 12 base tree of life of 144 foundational fire letters
– master trinary Gene Keys sequences revealing quantum biophysics dynamics and planetary shift mythic storyline

Silica light body transmutation
– 666 carbon atom (6 protons, 6 electrons, 6 neutrons) of human body to silica-carbon atom of Krysted human diamond lightbody
– transferring personal Akashic Record memory fields to Gaian Earth omniversal library
– trinity diamond morphogenetic/Gene Keys solution to hidden shadow crystal fragments on the template level that has created chaos and destruction
– merging mortal flesh bodies and immortal light bodies, achieving embodied diamond lightbody for the first time ever

Psionic 360˚ Senses

Clairvoyant 3rd eye vision, telepathic overtone hearing, direct cognitive knowing, empathic feeling, psychometric touch, telekinesis, enhanced taste, enhanced smell, spontaneous quantum healing

Biokinetic shape-shifting, transfiguration, elemental transmutation, bilocation projection, astral travel, merkabic teleportation, transmigration, translocation, multiple timeline synchronicity

Erial Ali

Music Geometry Architecture

Akashic Template Temples

Tri-wave grail architecture of sacred spring water fountains of eternal life and ancient-future crystal, golden cities and gardens of Eden

Sky to earth constellation and circuitry maps for temple stargate building

Ancient interstellar spaceport of the Great Pyramid at center of earth’s land mass, synchronizing with worldwide interdimensional megaliths and temples
– ancient sun temples with chakra and leyline layouts that correspond to angelic solar human body
– psychoacoustic orchestration of trinity rhythm of pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus glands for heartbeat coherence
– Giza Great Pyramid encodes hydrogen wavelengths and significant physics constants

Archeoastronomy of ancient paradise motherlands of Lemuria, Atlantis, Polaris, Hyperborea, etc

Universal templar pillars, gate systems, and locks and keys reflecting in the microcosmic body grid

Earth Land Shifts

Solar flare cycle 25 – transmitting plasma fields for biogenetic upgrades

Magnetosphere – powering the planetary brain with electromagnetic impulses, affecting the autonomic nervous system and electrical thought patterns

Pole shift – magnetic global poles off vertical axis and inverting as part of earth’s wobble correction and precession of equinoxes of the planetary shift journey

Aurora bands
– auroral plumes of acoustic generated patterns at nodal points where plasmas form from complex interactions of ionosphere, cosmic rays, and higher energy solar particles
– electromagnetic arc currents transduce into light pulses and pair into spiraling counter-clockwise vortex sheets along geometric fields in the ionosphere, altering electron-proton ratios for silica body transmutation

Diamond songline grid
– earth geomagnetic light geometry lattice based on pristine Krystal stars in higher harmonic universes, correcting discordant crystalline precipitations on morphogenetic templates causing chaotic materializations
– nodal concentrations of diamonds from inner earth
– natural energetic vortices where music and dance template gathering ceremonies are conducted for the planet

Inner Earth rising
– sentient Gaia reverse mutating and cleansing miasmic toxins through land mass shifts, Divine Nature’s Will causing earthquakes,
volcanoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, etc as part of ancient inner core lands coming to surface and returning to one land mass of original Pangea

Prism + Fleur

Mothership Portal

Gaia Venus as a hosting body of 3D Earth since the well-prophesied December 21st, 2012 portal, after rare Venus transit across the Sun

Earth as a pivotal intergalactic hub of extreme biodiversity and genetics, and has been diminished in size from its original nature

Earth as a mirrored sphere reflecting the inner universe – each individual is a micro vessel of the universe

Venus sister to Earth, similar in size, mass and composition

Venus upright 5-pointed star, correcting dark inversions, counter clockwise, pentagram orbit around the Central Sun

Primordial Eve as mother creatrix/architect blueprint soul of Venus, encoding grail mothership physics and archetypes

Galactic activation: organic planetary expansion and return of the true light

Starship Design

Trinary free energy – open trinity source and zero point free energy power generator, in harmonic resonance with aetheric geometries, rather than extraction in closed loop toroidal cycles

Antigravity propulsion – utilizing standing wave frequencies, eg counter rotational differential fields changing the radial orbit in a wave generator between the positive spin and negative spin proton 

Biogenetic interface – for avatar piloting and communication, human biological coherence with ship’s resonance field via DNA micro-macrocosmic fractal harmonics

Holographic computing – accessing living Gaian Earth wisdom records in Akashic crystal computers

Izzy Ivy


Big Picture
Access rare, creative, and higher order insights to the grand experiment happening in the chaotic 3D world
Grasp organic, galactic and universal expansion processes toward ultimate freedom and harmony
Integrate our divine inheritance of New Earth

Harmonic Free Energy
Design open source, innovative, and efficient free energy systems based on quantum trinary, depolarized, and harmonically resonating blueprints
Evolve out of bipolar, closed loop energy extraction systems

Sacred Creative Arts
Expand to higher imagination and artistic ways of problem solving
Discover inner gifts of divine musical, visual, movement, and poetic arts beyond limited 3D perceptual bands
Recall and outpicture magical realms

Tune into innate, genius consciousness for rapid quantum healing, creative manifestation, and superpower activations
Resolve the dissonant energetic core of physical illness
Embody the mind-body-soul temple
Optimize life force energy flows

Quantum Purpose/Abundance
Discover higher calling, purpose and mission in crystalline clarity
Harmonize with aetheric field blueprints for unlimited source of synchronistic, material and financial prosperity
Clear veils of lack and scarcity

Soul Kin Tribe
Find inner union and omni wholeness
Then naturally attract aligned mates, allies and guides
Be clear minded/hearted to complete karmic relations
Reunite with soul kin for higher mission purposes

Crystal Cities
Build synergistic eco villages and cities with aesthetic, harmonic bio-architecture
Create from the inspired remembrance of original paradise civilizations, rather than dystopian fears

Quantum DNA Computing
Uplevel in awareness to develop organic Gene Keys/I Ching biogenetic, quantum computing template language for advanced, humanistic technologies
Transform artificial intelligence/transhumanistic matrices with organic, elemental, and higher paradigms

Starship Technology
Receive visionary aenergy codes to design the ecological, enlightened future of space exploration, beyond outdated rocket ships
Enliven and accelerate in higher, interdimensional travel possibilities

More coming soon…

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