Quantum Vibroacoustic Sound-Light Journey

Enjoy an unparalleled, quantum healing journey where light and music harmonize in synchrony for a deep meditation experience that would usually take years to master. 

Visual strobing light and vibroacoustic pulsing sound on a floating, zero gravity chair is a unique, exciting synergy that brings the heart into healthy coherence patterns and the body into surrendered relaxation. This can be measured and tracked with a heart coherence app by HeartMath. 

This novel setup is a drug-free, noninvasive way to promote pain and anxiety relief. This is a great alternative to psychedelics of typical harsh side effects, and which can lead to highly sought-after states of expanded consciousness. 

A sound-light chair session can be combined with IV nutritional supplementation or Ketamine therapy for a multisensory, trance journey. This is great for adventurous, biohacking enthusiasts seeking innovative therapeutic approaches and peak experiences.   


Wide Spectrum Light Lamp

Stroboscopic light synchronized with sound offers immersive brain entrainment for an illuminating, inner eye experience.

Vibroacoustic Bass Sound Chair/Table

Haptic bass transducers of zero gravity chair or table bring a tactile, floating sound experience. Vibroacoustic therapy aims to coordinate communication with the nervous system, muscle tissue, bones, glands and fluids, with no energy loss, for a great internal molecular and vibrational massage.

Heart Coherence App

Monitor your heart rate variability (HRV), pulse (BPM), coherence, and spectrum. 

Track your heart’s electromagnetic energy field that is 5000 times greater than the brain. Measuring heart coherence is a key to creating optimum physiological and psychological functioning. 


Deep Relaxation
Reduced feelings of stress and anxiety
Lower blood pressure

Relaxing muscles and relieving minor aches and pains
Improving circulation
Relieving chronic pain and headaches with alpha brainwave focused sessions
Release of beneficial and longevity hormones
More restful sleep

Cognitive Enhancement
Increased focus with gamma brainwave focused sessions
Better, integrated memory

Psychedelic Effects
Stunning closed eye colors and visuals
Completely safe and drug free

Increased Creativity
Opening imagination with right brain stimulation
Sharpened intuition and focus

Expanded Consciousness
Reduced fear and depression
Increased sense of inner peace and emotional stability
Lucid dreaming
Sense of timelessness and spacelessness
Feeling of wholeness and interconnectedness
Spiritual vision quest experiences

* Contraindications

Those with a history of epilepsy and seizures
Pregnant women


Opus SoundBed


Sound Healing: From chanting in monasteries to singing bowls and sound baths, sound has been used for centuries to induce particular states of consciousness, and to heal the body. Why? My sense is that the percussive vibration as well as the frequency and wavelength of certain kinds of sound give it the power to break up concretized energetic densities in our biofield and in the body itself, as discussed in chapter 3. 

Don Estes, a neuroscientist, engineer, and audiophile, widely considered by many to be the father of modern-day sound therapy, developed a vibroacoustic bed he calls VibraSound, with layers of sound technology. I have one in my office. To use it, you lie on a colloidal mineral–filled waterbed with large transducers underneath that vibrate sound up through the water and into your body. During the experience you close your eyes and listen to sound while a sound-synchronized visual display of light takes place above you, which you can perceive through closed eyelids. For part of the experience, you listen to your own breath and pre-recorded intentions, played on repeat, looped back on themselves again and again as you watch a mandala display of your voice on a large screen. A loop of sound, vibration, light, and breath balances your autonomic nervous system and places your brain in a theta state promoting deep meditation, self-reflection, and intention manifestation.

All these modalities effectively move you from a state of fight or flight to a state of peace and balance, transmute interference from dissonant signatures, and lead to true healing. When I had my first VibraSound session, I felt suspended in the cosmos while having extraordinary visions about my dharma and service to humanity. Meanwhile, I felt the stuck energy in my physical form being dissolved by vibration, and replaced by light. As I have described earlier in this book, I feel strongly that the nidus for disease is unmetabolized emotion from previous trauma that has concretized in the body because it disrupts resonance with our Blueprint. The VibraSound works to release this concretized energy, reaching a fundamental level of the source of disease I have been trying to achieve with patients for decades.” – Dr Beth McDougall, Your Pristine Blueprint book



Audio-Visual Brainwave Entrainment Sessions

Can be found at:

Wellness spas, float centers
Natural health clinics, biohacking facilities
Chiropractic, physical therapy offices
Meditation centers, yoga studios
Massage therapy, energy healing spaces
Sacred plant medicine pre & post ceremony integration
Life coaches, executive coaches’ offices


VibraSound, Inner Sense by Don Estes
Reality Management – sensory therapy wellness center
Bioharmonic Technologies
OPUS SoundBed
RoXiva light lamp
Lucia Light
Jyzen bio-optimization center by Dr Beth McDougall
Globe Institute/Sound Healing Center

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