Examples of oracle art works in progress for future prints, tapestries, card decks, immersive video projection, and biofashion designs. For the building of paradise on Earth.

By Kyliya Ivy

Glyphic blueprints, singing and dancing light bodies, and landscape paintings to provide inspiring and soothing ambience

Vivid, spectral colors and organic, fantastical imagery to elevate from the mundane and artificial culture

Designs to brighten and enhance home and office environments

Sacred paradise imagery and videos of global nature vortexes to illuminate and stimulate powerful, vibrational shifts

Praise from clients and audience

“I love your art. Such colorful, feminine, Lemurian styles.” – S.R., musician

“Your designs are brilliant and spectacular.” – J.M., soul leader


Archetypal God/dess Wear

Fashion Design
Archetypal soul avatar biostyle
Celestial royal Elvin-Mermaid dress

Triangle edges
Circle arcs
Wave curves

Gradient Colors
Romantic pink dawn
Lavender violet azure
Royal golden silver
Indigo ruby emerald rainforest
Iridescent rainbow prism

High Frequency Fabric
Organic cotton, hemp, linen, flax, and silk – act as antennae for cosmic energy and biomeridian healing
Natural, botanical color dyes
3D geometric, biomorphic textile printing
LED lighting strips

Crystal Jewelry
Crystal gem pendants with morphing color light
Sacred geometry talismans

Gems, Elements
gold, silver – divine royalty
diamond – divine royalty, strength
selenite, citrine – cleansing
rose quartz – heart opening
ruby – divine love
sapphire – abundance
turquoise – peace
emerald – prosperity
amethyst – wisdom
tourmaline – healing
Lemurian quartz – meditation
obsidian – grounding
shungite – EMF clearing

Body Art
Goddess cosmetic beauty
Tribal body markings, galactic avatar body paint
Iridescent glyphs, temporary tattoos

Glyphic Painting

Sacred Glyphs & Geometries
Kathara/Tree of Life morphogenetic grid
Omnipolar, tri-veca spheres
Krystal spiral
Tri-wave merkaba
Sacred trinary butterfly wings
Template cross/prime number wheel
Lotus of life
Living atomic water

Visionary, fantastical, utopian, otherworldly imagery

Rainbow spectrum palette
Color balance, shading gradients, light-dark values, contrast, Highlights, contours

Hand brush, pen, stroke and line quality

1, 2, 3 point perspective, object planes, vantage point, multidimensional depth perception

Blueprint Grid
Sacred proportions, guidelines, balance, symmetry, composition

Artist journey, inner vision, imagination
Sketching, photorealistic rendering, refining
Level of detail, elegant complexity
Appeal, innovative impact

Temple Architecture

Crystal Cities
Galactic theater, spa, and lifestyle studio design
Starship design
Fire mountain pyramids
Water dome arcs
Sky obelisk towers

Feng Shui 5 element design
Water fountains
Earth crystals
Mood ambient color lights
Color fire pits
Musical wind chimes
God/dess sculptures
Photonic star portal mandala art

Elemental Landscapes
Mermaid beaches
Pegasus snow mountains
Elven forest falls
Fairy oasis canyons
Aurora cloudship skies

Holographic Video

Film Imagery
Immersive VR/AR/XR projection video
Template, crop circle glyphs and geometries
Galactic architecture
Space tech and artifacts
Nature and space scenes

Visual Effects
360 panoramic view
Light field depth, foreshortening
5D time lapse
Rainbow light prisms
Audio soundtrack sync

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