Galactic, Elemental Dance Ritual Choreography

Sacred dance choreographies to inspire physical beauty, athleticism, and majesty

Elemental, lyrical temple dance movements to embody and honor primal, divine feminine and masculine essences

Galactic tribal dance synchronizing to acoustic-electronic trance music – to uplift out of global dramas and expand into otherworldly, multi-sensory embodied experiences

Storytelling performance dance with archetypal avatar styling – for emotional stirring and enlivening the future of transformational entertainment

Praise –

Many high praises from audience and DJs. People spontaneously coming up to give hugs after dances to appreciate performances.

“Beautiful, lyrical movements, and such creativity…” – B.F., DJ

“I really appreciated how much you were dancing to the music with so much passion and nonstop energy.” – DJ

Celestial Mermaid

Spiral/wave movements, tribal temple, lyrical, and contemporary dance styles

Acoustic folk/pop, ambient, downtempo, trance, and future bass music

Rose pink, aqua translucent layers, and shimmering mermaid styling

Water, air, and fire elementals

Evoking azure, sunrise tropical beaches, and red canyon grotto pools of Hawaii

Ancient-future, high Mū/Lemurian-Hawaiian culture

Snow Elvin-Fairy 

Temple fusion, lyrical acro, jazz, and contemporary ballet

Acoustic rock/folk, melodic dubstep, cinematic orchestral, vocal trance, progressive trance, and drum ‘n bass soundtracks

Lavender blue, silver gold, spectral pastel iridescent, and galactic Elvin wear

Isis wings, purple lights, prismatic snowflakes

Snow, wind, and ether elementals

Recalling unicorn-pegasus snowy mountain peaks of Lemurian Mt Shasta and Atlantean Lake Tahoe

Ancient-future, high Druidic-Celtic culture

Water-Fire Siren

Tribal temple, contemporary, Latin, lotus hand torch, and pixel LED fan dance styles

Shakti bass, temple step, tropical house, world hip-hop, and shamanic beats

Rose red, purple and indigo, Sphinx/Elvin costuming, and Atlantean morphing color crystal jewelry

Plasmic fire, earth, and water dragon elementals

Conjuring sunset, Hawaiian/Lemurian volcanic lava, jungle beachscapes, Egyptian pyramid temples, and Sedona red rock canyon oasis

Ancient-future, high Atlantean-Egyptian culture


BaliSpirit Festival

Elemental, Ecstatic Dance Journey

Free form and soul embodied movements

Water Flow
Ambient, chillstep, tropical house, Ibiza-Bali-Tulum club vibes, water & cetacean sounds
Birth, dawn, awakening, innocence, sensual, graceful, flowing, stirring, shimmering, launching

Air Rhythm
Mid tempo, vocal trance, melodic dubstep, cinematic, future bass
Growing, playful, driving, throbbing, accelerating, rising

Fire Pulse
High tempo, drum ’n bass, progressive, Shakti beats, Goa psytrance, afrobeats
Wild, chaotic, surging, soaring, peaking, orgasmic, cathartic

Earth Lyric
High to mid tempo, uplifting trance, anthems, trip hop, dream Pop/rock, acoustic folk
Cruise, deep, enduring, recharging, sailing

Snow Wave
Downtempo, arias, psybient, jazz serenades, yogic meditation
Airy, lyrical, angelic, nostalgic, heavenly, landing, serenity

Lyrical Dance Technique

World fusion, contemporary, ballet, and acrobatic dance styles

Water Spirals
Body wave, infinity fluid spiral
Plié, chassé, pivot, extension, tilt, attitude, arabesque, fan kick

Etheric Turns
Pirouette, fouetté, illusion, tour en l’air

Fire Leaps
Kick spin, firebird leap, split jump, switch leap, butterfly twist

Aerial Flips
Handspring, aerial, walkover, limber

Earth Arcs
Rolls, tumbles, inversions, bridge, rolling tinsica

Artistry, technique, performance, emotional appeal, charismatic innovation

Water-Fire Dance Styles

Adventurous, cross training dance exploration  

Water Dance – Mermaiding/Artistic Swimming
Jacuzzi yogic stretching
Layouts, skulls
Strokes, beaters
Arches, pikes
Kicks, turns
Walkovers, flips

Ice Dance – Figure Skating
Step sequences, stroking 
Spirals, turns, twizzles
Transitional jumps
Positional spins
Rotational jumps
Partnering lifts

Aerial Dance – Lyra/Hoop
Straddles, splits
Angles, twists
Inversions, flips

Fire Dance – Fan/Pixel LED Flow Arts
Patterns – isolations, relationals, stacks
Weaves, ellipticals
Transitions, turns

Somatic, Tantric Movement

Intuitive body play and discovery

Spiral Waves
Moving from inner core waves and spirals
Inside reaching out with movement
Spirals moving you in many creative, different ways
Microcosmic orbit and leyline motions
Activating diamond rainbow lightbody

Tantric Movement
Pure source, elemental tantric dance – cleansing dark tantric distortion everywhere 
Somatic, ecstatic dance journey to access quantum field Experiencing cosmic soul embodiment
Moving out of physical stagnancy, and enlivening bioenergy field to synchronize body-mind-spirit
Spiral, fluid dynamic body for shape-shifting and transfiguration
Embodied sensuality to liberate from body suppression
Tantric hypno-breath wave rebirthing, purifying wounded sexual energy
Orgasmic, pleasurable ritual and sexual anatomy: exploring authentic sensual expressions
Somatic bodywork to release trauma
Trinary merkaba vortex and our body starship vehicle

Relaxing and elongating into stretch instead of reaching for a position
Feeling sensation that unlocks angles of tension and retraining Stretch reflex
Pliable twists and bends to massage organs

Neuro muscular toning and strengthening
Hyper biobody suit

Flow, Endurance
Creative movement flow states of endurance and resilience
Cross training, athletic outdoor adventures
Herbs/supplements to revive body cycles

Tri Radial Spheres
Atlas head, shoulders, arms, hands
Axis spine, heart, chest, back, core abs
Motor dynamics, pelvis, legs, feet

Body Geometry
Whole body as tensegrity geometry
Movement as pulling on inner diamond fabric
All joints linked together in a web, each one opens the other
Somatic, emotional, neuro conductive, fascia layers sliding, Cohesive viscoelastic sensory system that regulates bio-motion
Scaffolding of equilibrium, balance and symmetry
Throat and vulva as upper and lower mirroring of body

Letting breath move you to another direction
Inner sound currents traveling and orchestrating you

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