Trinity Flame


Inner Union

sacred alchemical union within oneself as the only path to actualize external true union

1st level, 1st grade particle tantra

feminine essence, masculine essence, and neutral omni source as trifecta God/dess logos

aligning horizontal rod, vertical staff, and diagonal chamber in energy body

uniting right and left brain, heart and head, front of 3rd eye and back of neck, and right and left shoulder wings to open high heart

stairstep, DNA ladder of ascension/descension – balancing up and down, 7 higher harmonic planes above and 7 lower harmonic planes below


Word Magic
Encoded anagrams, metaphors and symbolism
Vibrational, emotional keycode phrases and lyrics
Activating inner mood, feeling, sensation, insight and epiphany
Holo memory encoded sigils and hieroglyphics

Free Verse
Flowing style and form
Creative and regular rhyme, meter and cadence
Visual phrase arrangement and design

Template Scripts, Spells
Harmonic sound-light, electro-magnetic codes
Space-time template cipher keys
Synesthetic, holographic language transmissions
Keyword gateways to Akashic memory field
Re-spelling past and future timelines
Scripting blueprints of new game worlds

Archetypal Characters
Creatrix God/dess Muse
Wizard, magician, shaman and priestess archetypal characters
Unlocking destiny game clues, signs and sequences


Twin Flames/Soul Mates


Hieros Gamos

Sacred love-work magnetic partnership to regenerate world grids
– only true love can wake one up from the spell of maya illusion
– anchoring unconditional love and acting as pillars of the New Earth

Divine duads as matter and antimatter pairs, anode and cathode/positive and negative current of a battery system

Divine masculine as the photo-negative, monochrome, black & white film hologram and original, omnipolar source code encryption reflection – and divine feminine as the photo-reversed color film hologram and reversed encryption in this universal fractal realm

Clearing the densest of collective morphogenetic wounds to serve the highest crown and energetic integrity of the hierogamy template – not limited creational polyamory based on false adrenaline highs, soul fractalization, energy siphoning, and anti sacred marriage

Reuniting at the end of aeonic reincarnation cycle to return to singularity and zero point unified field for ascension out of time matrix

One plus one equals three effect – where beloved energy field is triple amplified, the sum is greater than its parts

Divine union partnerships – completing aeonic, linear incarnational contracts and unlocking stargates to eternal ascension

Twin Flames

Genetic twin clock
– polar opposites in the 12D tree of life clock grid at top and bottom positions, each twin at different time vectors and degrees in the same time sphere continuum/cycle

Twin mirrors
– polarized at emotional mind and body, simultaneous soul incarnations from ancient plasma sun realms
– looping dynamics of feminine chasers who are spiritually awakened, anxious and emotional, and masculine runners who are avoidant, insecure and ego-mind based (not necessarily based on gender)
– fast burning away of frozen crystalline, scalar wave patterns of collective trauma miasms
– not necessarily romantic, usually templar energy work contracts

Soul Mates

Soul mate charge
– any pair on the morphogenetic clock other than twin positions, romantic, neutral, or polarizing relationships, easier and slower evolution

Karmic catalysts
– negative ego relationships to spark and increase soul growth

High Grail Romance

Divine, highest sexual energy – pure creational tantric and unconditional love chemistry for genesis of planets, stars, and worlds

High romantic energy bridges heaven and earth

Grail romance and chivalry scripts – to awaken the enslaved feminine, and unite upper and lower realms

High enchantment of white-pink-red tantra – achieving inner union of divine neutrality and transcendence, otherwise romantic charge is polarizing, repellant emotional energy in finite fractal realms

Soul purity and integrity – required for true creational, infinite magic and sensuality – typical sex magic rituals run reversed kundalini flows to feed finite matrices of the sextant zodiac clock


Rainbow Races/Rays

Morphogenetic, astrological Gene Keys cultural oracles of 12 Tribes

Original 144 key geometry makers and 144,000 offspring – cloning and replicating themselves as soul fractals without original divine mother/father DNA since 1st root race hundreds of millions years ago/simultaneous evolutionary cycle

Diamond Krysted, encoded 12 Maji Grail Templar Kings and Queens leading each of the 12 tribes to restore and build the new paradigm, sovereign, interdependent and synergistic civilization

Metatron’s cube tesseract moving in and out to imprint 8 incarnational themes of father/mother, husband/wife, son/daughter, and brother/sister

After 5 previous Earths were destroyed, many avatar genetic timekeepers traveled back here from tens to hundreds of millions of years in the future/simultaneous evolutionary cycle – to land in the middle of the Halls of Records and Mirrors, to avert universal cataclysmic timeline

Currently less than a billion have ascension potential to return to paradise Earth and higher heavenly realms

The rest of human population as background fillers/AI holograms – replicated from father god seed and missing mother goddess seed
– 1st root race created from divine feminine/masculine union, subsequent races of the original 7 root races as clones of the original 144,000 geometrically seeded souls
– 20% to 95+% of Earth’s 3D matrix population are clone variants of the original souls
– continuing evolution on Earth-like planets

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