Soul Iconic Branding

Iconic essence of artist and creator archetype

Vision, mission, and core brand values

X factor sizzle reel – portfolio package

Photo shoot – divine royal presence capture

Brand story – artistic quest, background, and emotional investment

Creative Product Creation

Cosmic creative, innovative art making– eg, music album, visual art images, dance performance set, clothing fashion line, gem jewelry, artisan foods, mythic book, temple architecture, etc

Signature aesthetic – unique quality of sound, colors, style, taste, scents, etc

Product/service evaluation period for high quality launch

Creativity and entrepreneurship balancing act and seasonal cycles

Art Sales

Multidimensional artist website portal and store development, multiple platforms, eg Bandcamp, Etsy, etc

Creative promotional performances, demos, holiday sales, and fan giveaways

Sacred sales letter, landing page, and copywriting

Magnetic messages and sales call to soul kin tribe

Profit posts planner – multiple social media streams, fun strategic astrological event calendar

Bespoke commissions, royalty sales

Testimonials – gathering audience and customer feedback

Operations, Team

Core team support, coaches, allies, partners, mentors, and advisors

Holistic organization – business, tax, and legal structures

Millionaire/Billionaire Mindset

Happiness and gratitude journal and goal setting

Entrepreneurship archetype – productivity type, success traits, Atomic Habits tips, astrological/Gene Keys profile, etc

Holistic feminine dreamer and empathic, and masculine builder and provider approach

Investing everything in own soul purpose and mission, not external projects, systems, stocks, etc

Business plan – summary, investment deck, financial model

New Earth millionaire and billionaire lifestyle


Water currency – liquid assets, sea merchant commerce

Quantum financial system with high, on demand liquidity and money minting

Greatest transfer and redistribution of wealth in history as part of planetary ascension and new galactic society

Quantum scalar wave frequency and master Gene Keys transmissions for abundance

Gold and silver investment, colloidal silver and gold superconductivity for health and wealth

Decentralized cryptocurrency equity

Natural law and sovereignty

Quantum language parse syntax grammar contracts – Live Life Claim, quantum sovereign trusts, intergenerational wealth protection


Real estate investment – global grid vortex land and building

Eco luxury sanctuary renovation

Native tribal land reclamation for galactic family constellations

Centers for Earth Changes, space tourism futures, and the Space Age

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