Holistic Songwriting


Celestial soul lyrics and poetic storytelling
Spell crafting, world building
Vowels, consonants, stressed/unstressed syllables
Phrasing, question and answer period
Rhyme, repetition, order
Balanced, unbalanced lines and stanzas for stability and tension


Verse and chorus hooks
Lyric matching
Melodic contour, voice leading
Ascending, descending lines, leaps, passing tones
Contrasting melodies
emotional color


Musical key, tonic home note
Chord progressions, building tension and resolution
Cadence at end of phrase
432, 444 hz natural and world tuning systems
Subliminal healing frequencies


Drum and bass rhythm
Basic and compound meter
Constant accelerated and decelerated meter
Heartbeat pulse


Multi instrumental texture
Acoustic and electronic sound design


Intro, verse, chorus, bridge, outro
Drawing and coloring a song landscape map
Crystal geometric form and composition

Acoustic-Electro Instruments

One Wo/man Band

Accompanying main vocals with harmonic and rhythmic instruments
fundamentals of playing various acoustic and electronic instrumental accompaniments
Musical arrangement and orchestration techniques


Voice – vocal looper, harmonization effects pedal
Keys – piano, keyboard synth
Strings – guitar, harp, violin, cello, bass
Winds – flute, saxophone, woodwind, brass, didgeridoo
Drums – hand drum, handpan, gong, percussion instruments
Sound healing – crystal singing bowl, crystal lyre, brass bowl
Electronic – drum ‘n bass rhythm machine, cosmic ambient pads
Nature – organic sound instruments

Psychoacoustic Music Engineering


Compression, limit, volume, dynamics
Equalization, spectral spread
Reverb, sense of space
Panning, stereo imaging, 360 surround sound
Analog and digital production
Music distribution

Harmonic Frequencies

Water, DNA and Great Pyramid tones
Sun, Moon, Planets, Pleiades, Sirius, Perseus, Andromeda and more
Master hologenetic tonal frequencies (Gene Keys) to unlock star portals and ships

Sound Batb & Ecstatic Dance DJ

Sound Bath

Vocal music journeys for emotional healing
Nature and world meditation music with harmonic frequencies
Psychoacoustic, therapeutic listening and hearing

Ecstatic Dance DJ

Galactic tribal trance music sets
Build up, peak, transitions
Remixes, meta sound effects
Interactive acoustic and electronic music performance

Temple Space

Immersive, surround sound system
Vibroacoustic bass dance floor
Levitational sound beds, aerial hammock swings
Sound reactive visualizers, holographic video projection
Crystal, candle altar

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