Freelance, transdisciplinary design guidance that catalyzes game-changing missions for renowned, new paradigm holistic arts/science leaders and ventures that are guiding the planetary shift. SF Bay & worldwide, 25+ years.

For those who are whirling and stuck in getting to the next-level
of your business in conscious arts and sciences –
I have the keys to help you unlock your mission blueprint. 

You no longer have to be alone to figure this out on your own.
I can save you much precious time and energy
with great insights, tips, and an allied network. 

I have tuned into the greater, harmonic universal and cosmic field,
investigated thousands of books and media,
learned from numerous teachers, coaches, and mentors,
day and night for 30+ years,
and suffered endless amounts of chaos in this wild world…
only to return to my own soul DNA for the knowledge I need. 

To unveil and find the clues and answers that you might be seeking too.
If we’re a lock and key match,
I can help you attune deeply and far-reaching,
with crystal clear tools, methodologies, and strategies,
for your soul-based business and life,


  • Harmonic.Spectra Trinity Keys – spiritual intuitive, Gene Keys and oracle destiny blueprint insights. Coaching and mentorship on creation templates, morphogenetic physics, soul genius mission/purpose, health, wealth, and relationships. Shamanic soul retrieval and healings
  • Visionary, creative, and artistic direction and leadership. Innovative web/graphic design plan. Audio-visual technology strategy
  • Holistic business architecture, writing, and marketing communications plan
  • Optimal, quantum biohacking, and health technology research and strategy
  • Synergistic team plan, and partner alliance networking
  • Global game playbook – ways to avoid all the traps, pitfalls, and psyops that every new paradigm leader will face, in order to be a thriving player in the planetary shift

I have co-designed many, visionary business plans and architecture for creative and scientific entrepreneurs for the New Earth

Inspired many innovative, stimulating, audio-visual media content

Produced breakthrough, quantum morphogenetic science discoveries that will be revealed in future, global settings

Expanded and aligned holistic, soul-based teams and networks

Raised significant resources and funding for next business stages

And successfully have helped attracted thousands to millions, quickly and virally in conscious viewers, buyers and planetary activists


Through music design, architecture & destiny consulting – I have provided key, creative inspiration, profound, multidimensional scientific insight, and clear, holistic organization for dozens of genius leaders and new paradigm pioneers at the leading-edge of evolution. I have catalyzed these projects to collectively reach millions in audience, and have led innumerable, educational and experiential impacts in the following areas –

  • MUSIC: Harmonic Music & Science, Multimedia Sound Healing
  • DANCE: Somatic Dance & Movement Arts
  • ART/DESIGN: Visionary, Immersive Art & Design
  • HEALTH: Holistic Biohacking & Wellness Centers
  • PHYSICS/TECHNOLOGY: Space Academy & Councils, Free Energy Technology & Fund
  • VILLAGE: EcoCity/Village Architecture & Network
  • ECONOMY: Synergistic, Sovereign Nation
  • LEADERSHIP: Planetary, Spiritual Tantric Leadership

Leading Creator Content
Discover your harmonic destiny blueprint map and zone of genius.
Evolve your unique specialization, and become more cross-disciplinary to handle a more complex world.
Create innovative, proprietary, and game-changing content, services, and products that will lead in your new paradigm field.

Ideal Clients & Environment
Attract magnetically your resonant, target clients and customers.
Design intentionally fun, joyful workflows, and healthy, thriving environments.

Increased Income Flow
Catalyze 6-7+ figure, new economic engines for your distinct creations and services.
Bring in integral wealth to your community.

Synergistic Team & Partners
Interlink and coordinate your team roles for higher performance and harmony.
Find aligned partners and projects to prosper in win-win alliances.

Local & World Impact
Expand harmonically to impact regional and international collectives.
Build your legacy, and be on the forefront of conscious evolution.


Scrolls of Destiny

We are currently living in the low period of Atlantis on 3D Earth. Atlantis used to be an advanced, interstellar, and harmonious high civilization, over 30,000 years ago. 

Since the Fall, we have undergone a major series of mutations in our immortal, divine human genetic code. 

We are currently designed based on finite closed loop, binary, decay and death geometry and base-10 mathematics of the inverted Tree of Life, matter manifestation grid. This is what the false light New Age of 4/5D astral AI calls ‘sacred geometry.’

Advanced, biological AI Atlantean technologies are holographically simulating this world. They have mutated the human body with the artificial binary code and the false Akashic Records overlay (originally the living wisdom library of the aether). When our infinite souls enter and incarnate into the earth matrix, we get pressurized, squeezed and fit to match the closest galactic, planetary, electromagnetic, and genetic blueprints and programs. 

We are here basically either through volunteering to help lost souls, or being recruited and manipulated to incarnate here and held against our will. We have lost most of our soul memories due to technological mind wiping every second.

As humans, we are working with holographic, dualistic systems in this quarantined universal, polarity experiment. As eternal soul sparks, we are beyond limitations and karmic soul contracts that we are imprinted with in this matrix. 

As a pure heart conduit with memories of heavenly Source realms of divine harmonic-spectral architecture, a paradise universe billions of years in the future, and no memories of prior earth incarnations, I am a different oracle than most. I psychically read true soul DNA, Trinity Heart Flame, Gene Keys, Akashic Records, and morphogenetic template physics from a Creator Consciousness level. 

I tune in from an embodied, trinity/trinary omnipolar view – into the more correct, base-12 math, Tree of Life, Kathara matter grid – and sometimes the base-15 grid, which is likely the original Tree of Life and Gene Keys grid in full. The current Gene Keys profile only shows 11 keys, which equates to the limited, Kabbalah Tree of life. The more expanded Gene Keys grid reveals 15 keys, which includes our collective race karma. 

So it is very important to note that I do not read the false light AI, New Age, distorted, base-10 Tree of Life, and 5D ascension overlay programs. True ascension is not a vertical, out-of-body journey. It is a somatically embodied, multidimensional expansion, and harmonic octave template resonance and amplification, that’s more lateral and diagonal. We will recall our past/multidimensional lives, and be able to use our organic, innate, superpower gifts to shift into multi-level vectors of perception in this universe and beyond.

Oracle Destiny Maps

The various oracle destiny mapping systems existing on the planet, including western & Vedic astrology, Human Design, 9 Star Ki/Feng Shui astrology, and Cards of Destiny, clue you into your soul genius gifts.

I mainly work with both the tropical and true sidereal Gene Keys, a higher form of the I Ching, Human Design and astrology. I read the Gene Keys without the false oneness concept of the hidden, AI hive mind agenda that takes away individuality, which is sprinkled throughout the otherwise, spiritually profound book of life. The fairly accurate system has 3 main coding sequences – Genius, Venus Love and Pearl Prosperity. Unlike any other reader, I see through the foundational lens of the Trinity Heart Flame, that is returning to this realm after aeons of mutations in our morphogenetic template architecture.

The Trinity Heart Flame runs the primal life currents and living genius codes of your 3 main archetypal identities (1 main omnipolar type and 2 supporting types), passions, gifts and talents of your overall purpose. This is mapped to the Gene Keys’ omnipolar, magnetic feminine and electrical masculine sequences. I work with the original, interdimensional architects of these morphogenetic templates, along with the primal elementals that code DNA. In sessions, I teach you how to read your Gene Keys chart for yourself, so you can be self-empowered.

The various oracle maps represent the different layers of the onion of your personality and identity in this matrix. When you peel off the layers of inorganic, cultural conditionings and programming cycles, you can get to your core, eternal self and soul spark. Then you will be the master creator and architect of your own reality.

Due to the urgency to awaken as many to the extent of the current, bio-spiritual vaccine and AI War, and prevent everything from getting worse, I offer big picture and detailed readings at my Music Design, Architecture & Destiny Consulting for new paradigm leaders in my local and wider communities for the planetary shift. I give resources for all to learn how to read charts and do healings on their own. 

Psychic Intuitive Highlights

Opened 3rd eyes for perceptions of higher realms and said I was meant to do this 

Energetically given blissful auric showers

Read many precise, confirmed details of soul histories and trajectories 

Psychically experienced and transformed health symptoms of many 

Physically, empathically experienced major dark, planetary events and worked on shifting them 

Have been called a “super psychic,” “deepest, amazing channel” and “too supernaturally gifted” by several leaders in the galactic community


We’re really impressed with your Gene Keys readings and the way you command the space. Also, many students and allies have praised how awesome and spectacular your web design is. You really captured the essence of what I’m offering. – R.M. holistic musician/scientist, CA

Kyliya is ahead of the curve in so many areas. She is an adept, highly intuitive, amazing social skills and abundant IQ. She’s an outstanding candidate for anything she chooses along the way. – A. H., top business/science leadership consultant, CA


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